Prevention by Attention serves as an international youth support system, striving to provide health and wellness lessons and resources. While we primarily focus on child sexual violence, other projects aim to prevent child trafficking, bullying, illness, and stereotyping

Founded by Anika Bagaria

Stand Up. Stand Out. Together We Rise.

Physical, mental, and emotional health are often inadequately discussed across the globe, especially with youth, be it due to a lack of resources or social stigma. Prevention by Attention aims to combat this, particularly by equipping youth with the information and resources necessary to prevent child sexual violence. Other projects focus on preventing child trafficking, bullying, illness, and stereotyping. Through Prevention by Attention, members can share their stories, get inspired by and connect with other students around the world, and gain access to various wellness resources. We are a not-for-profit platform for students and by students.


It all began in March of 2015, when Anika Bagaria spent some time at Escuela Oficial Urbana Mixta No. 23 “España” in Guatemala City. Anika was introduced to the school by her dad’s friend, who works as a teacher there. After witnessing incidents of bullying and noticing the lack of hygiene in the school bathrooms, Anika spoke with the teachers, learning that the school did not receive enough funding from the government to operate a health and wellness program. Upon returning to New Jersey, Anika gathered amazing friends and volunteers, and together they raised money, designed resources, and connected with the Escuela España students. Anika soon understood the great impact of learning about issues pertaining to youth from fellow students. Realizing that schools across the globe were in similar situations, Anika began collaborating with other schools and organizations to implement health and wellness programs created for students and by students to address their respective needs… and like that, Prevention by Attention (PBA) was born, now operating in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Ghana, and India!


Two years later, PBA evolved when Escuela Rubén Villagrán Paula, an all-girls public school in Guatemala City, joined the PBA community: We turned our primary focus to child sexual abuse. Anika met a student there whose sister, along with two classmates, was forced to make conjugal visits to prisoners; the school only learned of the situation when one of the girls became pregnant. All three students were twelve years old. Utterly shocked by the experience, Anika realized the international urgency of implementing child sexual abuse and trafficking prevention programs. Learn more about PBA’s transformation in the video below.

Our Evolved Path Four Years Later: Uncovering An Emergency