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Natalia Ibarra: My Experience With Bullying [English Version]

Natalia Ibarra

Student at The Lawrenceville School

From Chicago, IL

Age: 16

When I was in fourth grade, there was this girl in my class who would constantly make fun of me. I would say or do anything, and she’s be right there next to me, teasing. It was unbearable. The worst part was I didn’t know why she was so mean to me. We had been in the same school since kindergarten and had never had any problems until fourth grade. It was as if all of sudden she decided that I was the person she was going to tease and eventually bully. For a while, I didn’t realize she was bullying me. In my mind, it was just 'girls being girls,' but it was getting worse and worse. One day my teacher noticed and pulled me aside. I told her everything. I was scared that if I told an adult, it would make the situation worse, but in reality, my teacher was able to talk to the girl bullying me and set her straight. The girl stopped bullying me, and others who had also been afraid began to speak up. I realized that speaking up was the first step to stopping and preventing more bullying.

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